Nancy Appleby Theatre

Bringing Live Folk Music to the Nancy Appleby Theatre in Athabasca!


There is no separate Membership Fee!

Purchase of a Season Ticket allows you to become a member for that "year" (September 1-August 30).

Members may run for office on the Board and have more of a voice in running the Club, choice of performers, etc.

Season ticket holders, whether or not they decide to become members, may choose to reserve a seat not already reserved. "Reserved" signs may be removed from unoccupied seats at intermission so others may move to better seats.

A few edited excerpts from the Bylaws:

  1. Membership in the society is annual and must be renewed annually.
  2. Any person...may become a member by purchase of a Fall or Spring season concert pass...
  3. Membership is voluntary so one may purchase a season’s concert pass but decline to be a member.